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Upcoming events of British Isles interest:

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Be sure also to check the listing of upcoming BIGWILL meetings!

Also check the listings for the Irish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin, the Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan, the Irish Genealogical Society, International (Minnesota), the Irish Special Interest Group of the Saint Louis Genealogical Society, and the Scottish Genealogy Group of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society in the Upcoming events of Wisconsin/Illinois regional interest. There are nearly always a number of talks on British Isles research at the annual NGS and FGS conferences and the biennial New England Regional Genealogical Conference; check the entries for those conferences in the Upcoming national and international society meetings.

13-16 August 2015 - Milwaukee Irish Fest  22 January 2011

21-25 September 2015 - British Institute Recently added link 6 July 2015
15th annual British Institute, sponsored by the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History (ISBGFH).
Salt Lake City, Utah. The Institute includes one week of classes and research in the Family History Library with experts in British Isles research leading participants through the many resources available. See more details on the Upcoming national and international society meetings and courses page.

25-27 September 2015 - 23rd Annual Cornish Festival Recently added link 8 July 2015
Sponsored by The Southwest Wisconsin Cornish Society.
Various locations in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Periodically visit the Festival website for access to further details as the plans are developed for this festival. You can also contact for further information.

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