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British Interest Group of Wisconsin and Illinois

How to get in contact with us:

Our mailing address is:
BIGWILL, PO Box 192, Richmond IL 60071

The elected officers of BIGWILL:
President Dick Gilbert
1st Vice-President Maureen Brady
2nd Vice-President Sandra Braid
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Ann Wells
Director Roger Higgs
Director Arlyn Booth
Director Steve Horton
The Board of Directors is made up of the elected officers and the Immediate Past President

You can contact our president by e-mail at
To minimize the chance that any e-mail message sent to us will be misclassified as SPAM, we recommend that you use a meaningful subject line.

Personal contact information for most of the volunteers listed on this page can be found on page 2 of the most recent issue of the BIGWILL News

The BIGWILL standing committees:
Committee ChairOther members
Audit vacant 
Library Arlyn Booth
Margaret Zook
Membership Maureen Brady 
Newsletter  Al Munn
(Newsletter Editor)
Internet  Rollie Littlewood
Nominating  Pending
Programming  Sandra Braid 
Publicity Merilyn Romani 
Refreshments Prudy Sullivan 
Society Historian Maureen Brady 

Other non-elected positions:
Immediate Past President Maureen Brady
Webmaster Rollie Littlewood
Liaison to Illinois Department of Revenue Dick Gilbert
Non-profit Corporation Registered Agent  Dick Gilbert

Note: From time to time, the BIGWILL leadership sends brief email messages to members for whom it has an email address. These messages are usually notices of interesting developments on the internet or reminders of upcoming events. If you use email, please be sure that your email is configured to allow incoming messages from <>.

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