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Note: Some of these notes are now out-of-date; they were last revised in 2007. In particular, the recordings from the 2006 FGS conference are no longer available from Lulu. Also, please note that BIGWILL has never offered any of these lecture recordings for sale; these notes refer to services provided by several commercial recording services. BIGWILL apologizes for any misunderstandings in these regards.

Information about the 2007 NGS Conference, held in Richmond, Virginia

For the program listing (all talks) for this conference laid out as a list, click here – this listing gives lecture title, session number, and speaker name. Very brief abstracts of individual lectures are available (by clicking on the lecture title). It is possible to select only lectures in a particular track to be listed.
For the program listing (all talks) for this conference laid out in a time/date matrix, click here – this PDF file gives lecture title, session number, and one- or two-sentence abstract, track in which the lecture was given, and the speaker name.
For the listing of lecture recordings available on CD-ROM from Jamb, Inc., click here – this Excel spreadsheet includes the session number, which is needed when ordering any CD-ROMs. (A plain text version will be provided soon.)
To order any of these recordings, go to the Jamb, Inc. website.

Information about the 2006 FGS/NEHGS Conference, held in Boston

Lectures of special interest for British Isles genealogical research include:
    “General Talk on the National Archives” (by Audrey Collins)
    “Are You Lost: Maps and Gazetteers for British Research” (by Paul Milner)
    “Using Special and Local Libraries in the United Kingdom” (by Else Churchill)
    “Underused Sources for British Research: Local and Family History Societies” (by Maggie Loughran)
    “An Introduction to the Scottish Family Service Project” (by Joanna O’Rourke)
    “Irish Birth/Marriage/Death Records” (by Eileen M. O’Dúill)
    “An Overview of Genealogical Sources at the National Archives of Ireland” (by Gregory O’Connor)
    “Digitization of Records {Ireland}” (by Brian Donovan)
    “Irish Estate Paper Records as Sources for Ancestral Research” (by Susan Hood)
    “Researching Ulster Families in the 18th Century” (by William Roulston)
    “Are You Looking for the Correct Surname? {Ireland}” (by Nora Hickey)
    “The Importance of Place: Getting to Grips with Irish Administrative Divisions” (by Brian Mitchell)
    “Irish Valuation Records” (a workshop presented three times by John Grenham and George B. Handran)
    “Getting Started on Your Irish Family History” (by Mary Beglan)
    “IFHF {Irish Family History Foundation} Databases: A Genealogical Resource” (by Feargal O’Donnell)
    “Ireland in the 18th Century” (by Kevin Whelan)
    “Irish-American Emigration in the 18th Century” (by Kevin Whelan)
    “What is Britain?” (by Audrey Collins)
    “I’m Stuck! Techniques for Localizing that Elusive English Ancestor” (by Else Churchill)
    “The Scots Irish, Part 1: The Roots from Scotland to Ireland. The Who, What, Where and When” (by Paul A. Blake)
    “The Scots Irish, Part 2: The Roots from Scotland to Ireland. The Who, What, Where and When” (by Maggie Loughran)
    “Sources for Genealogy in the National Library of Ireland” (by Collette O’Flaherty)
    “A Treasure Trove of Information: An Introduction to the Archives in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland” (by Valerie Adams)
    “Dublin, 30 June 1922: Did Everything Blow Up?” (by Eileen M. O’Dúill)
    “Land Commission Records {Ireland}” (by George B. Handran)
    “Finding Your Irish Ancestors” (by David S. Ouimette)
    “Irish Loan Fund Records” (by John Grenham)
    “Matchmaking and Marriage Customs in 19th Century Ireland” (by Sean S. O’Dúill)
    “How to Search for Your Irish Ancestor in North America” (by Nora Hickey)
    “So Many Joneses: Names, Numbers, and the Triumph of the Welsh” (by Sherry Irvine; ISBGFH luncheon talk)
    “Some Proposals for Irish/USA/Canadian Genealogical Cooperation” (by Gregory O’Connor; TIARA luncheon talk)
    “Royal Navy Records: An Introduction to Sources” (by Paul A. Blake)
    “Buried Treasures: What’s In the English Parish Chest” (by Paul Milner)
    “British Army Records: An Introduction to Sources” (by Paul A. Blake)
    “The Records of the General Register Office for Scotland” (by Joanna O’Rourke)
    “Early British Population Lists” (by Maggie Loughran)
    “Colonial Americans and Their Records at the National Archives, London” (by Dean Hunter)
    “Manuscript Sources in the National Library of Ireland” (by Colette O’Flaherty)
    “Finding Your Irish Ancestral Home” (by Janis P. Duffy)
    “Irish Research: Using Griffiths Valuation” (by Donna M. Moughty)
    “Using the Archives of "The Big House." The Value of Landed Estate Records” (by Valerie Adams)
    “Irish Historical Primary Sources and Their Role in Irish Genealogy: 17th to 19th Century” (by Nora Hickey)
    “Death and Burial Customs in 19th-Century Ireland” (by Sean S. O’Dúill)
    “Scottish Wills and Testaments for Family Historians” (by Joanna O’Rourke)
    “English Parish Registers: How to Access, Use, and Interpret” (by Paul Milner)
    “Best of British Websites” (by Maggie Loughran)
    “Tips and Tools for Navigating the English Probate System” (by Paul Milner)
    “English Probate Records: How to Use Them in Establishing Immigrant Origins” (by Dean J. Hunter)
    “Irish Records in the National Archives” (by England)” (by Audrey Collins)
    “Sources for Tracing the Ulster Scots: 18th-Century Emigrants to North America” (by Brian Mitchell)
    “Researching in Ireland: Planning is the Key to Success” (by Eileen M. O’Dúill)
    “Researching Irish-American Women” (by Marie E. Daly)
    “Hatched, Matched, and Dispatched: Church Records as a Source for Family History Research in Northern Ireland” (by Valerie Adams)
Program changes – the following changes (related to British Isles research topics) where announced by FGS in early July:
  Deleted lectures:
    “Irish Genealogy: Progress Report on Developments in Ireland, 2006” (by Eileen M. O’Dúill)
    “Irish Genealogy Centres: Dispelling Misconceptions” (by Brian Mitchell)
  Added lectures:
    “Hopping the Pond: Immigration Records at NARA, Washington, DC & the National Archives of the United Kingdom, London” (by Constance Potter and Roger Kershaw)
    “Passenger Lists at The National Archives (UK)” (by Roger Kershaw)
    “Ordnance Survey Ireland: A History” (by Richard Kirwin)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Mayo” (by Gerald Delaney)
    “Search the Forest, Not Just Your Family Tree: Techniques to Improve Your Chance of Research Success” (by Meldon J. Wolfgang III)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Cavan” (by Mary Sullivan)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Dublin” (by Michael Eglan)
    “Irish Census Records for 1901 and 1911: Digitization Project” (by Catriona Crowe)
    “Educational Records for Genealogists {Ireland}” (by Valerie Adams)
    “The Untold Stories of Irish Immigrants: Tales from the Passenger Lists” (by Janis Duffy)
    “Emigration: Mayo to Massachusetts in the 19th Century” (by Gerald Delaney)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Armagh” (by Feargal O’Donnell)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Derry” (by Brian Mitchell)
    “Parliamentary Papers: An Unknown Treasure for Irish Research” (by Richard Flatman)
    “The Creation of the Ordnance Survey Ireland Digital Map Archive” (by Malachy McVeigh)
    “Church of Ireland Sources for Genealogists at the RCB Library, Dubling & in Local Custody” (by Susan Hood)
    “The Great Irish Famine” (by Kevin Whelan)
    “Irish-American Famine Emigration” (by Kevin Whelan)
    “Post-Famine Irish Emigration to America” (by Kevin Whelan)
    “In Service of King and Country: Army and Navy Records between 1785 and 1916” (by Richard Flatman)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Down” (by William Roulston)
    “Irish Genealogy on the Internet” (by Mary Beglan)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Clare” (by Gerald Delaney)
    “Using the Irish Registry of Deeds” (by Mary Ellen Grogan)
    “Tracing the Irish in the American Civil War” (by Dennis Ahern)
    “Ireland from the Famine to Independence” (by Kevin Whelan)
    “Lesser-known Genealogical Sources at the National Archives of Ireland” (by Gregory O’Connor)
    “Irish Records Bill (Genealogy & Heraldry, 2006): Preservation of Records and Access to New Sources” (by Rory Stanley)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Offaly” (by Michael Egan)
    “History from Headstones” (by Eimear Henry)
    “The Impact of the Great Famine on Strokestown, County Roscommon” (by Susan Hood)
    “Marriage Settlements in the Registry of Deeds” (by Mary Beglan)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Cork” (by Dennis Ahern)
    “Research Huguenots in Ireland” (by Eimear Henry)
    “The Genealogical Importance of Legal Records” (by Gregory O’Connor)
    “The Ulster Plantation 1610-1641” (by William Roulston)
    “It’s Time to Meet the Ancestors” (by Gregory Atkinson)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Tipperary” (by Mary Ellen Grogan)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Wexford” (by Mary Sullivan)
    “Genealogical Sources: County Galway” (by Gerald Delaney)
    “Ready to Go to Ireland: Research and Travel Tips” (by Mary Ellen Grogan)
Many of the lectures at this conference were recorded. The recordings will be made available as downloadable MPG audio files – most costing $1.99, rather than on tape cassettes like those associated with many past NGS and FGS conferences. Visit <> to explore this new method of distributing lecture recordings.

At the end of this paragraph is an “unofficial” set of links to all of the lectures which were recorded at the FGS/NEHGS 2006 Conference in Boston. This list was created before the staff at <> had assembled a usable list themselves. The link after each title in this list will take you to the place on the <> website from which you can order a download of that lecture. Only lectures which were recorded are included in this list (for instance, Paul Milner’s W-28 “Are Your Lost?...” lecture on Wednesday of the conference is not on the list, because it was not recorded – although his other three lectures were). An advantage of this listing is that it is very simple and easy to use. The listing is at <>. This listing does not include any of the 15- or 30-lecture collections on CD-ROM.

The listing on the <> website is at <>.

About the syllabus for this conference:
Those who attend FGS national conferences receive a bound syllabus (virtually all of the “handout” material) as part of their registration. For the 2006 FGS/NEHGS conference, the syllabus was bound in four volumes, instead of the usual one – one volume for each day of the conference. It was possible to purchase extra copies while at the conference, for $20 per volume or $75 for the set (plus sales tax).
It has been reported that (as of 13 November 2006) the syllabus is out-of-print, but being reprinted; the new supply is expected to be available in early December.
By March 2007 FGS had decided they will NOT do a reprinting of this syallabus after all.Linked page recently updated 15 March 2007

Finding tapes from genealogical conferences which took place between 1980 and 2004: Visit the <> website to search by topic, speaker, or conference.

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